Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amazing Spider Man Supervising Art Director Loses over $1 Million

              Although, Hollywood film supervising art director David Klassen
and his now inactive attorney girlfriend Yolanda Marsili have been defeated in
two court trials v. Bralalalala for a total sum of over $1 million for sexual assault,
libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress and malicious prosecution of the
award winning singer, they have yet to pay a dime according to court records.
Following their modus of do as they please, the parties did not appear at their
malicious prosecution trial in April, 2015. Evidence as to their depositions
taken in the prior sexual assault trial in 2013 were taken into account as well
as additional case evidence and declarations. The defendants also did not appear
at the sexual assault trial despite filing cross complaints against Bralalalala
and a pastor, who they also accused of being a criminal.
     In the end, the lies written about Bralalalala and her life story were just that.
They knew they were lying and therefore did not appear as their coverup was
revealed. Klassen, who represented himself in the sexual assault case after
substituting out his attorney girlfriend the day before trial, has been nowhere to
be found since that time. It is unclear whether he will continue his filmmaking
after his latest art direction for Interstellar. Meanwhile, Marsili is no longer an
active California attorney. In an endless and dimwitted refusal to admit guilt
years ago when this saga began in 2010, Klassen and Marsili appear to have
gone underground in hopes they can not be forced to court or to pay the judgments
against them.
     One thing the defendants have had on their side throughout is the media,
who they convinced with their libel websites on Bralalalala, they were the actual
victims. They have often written boastfully that the media ignored this story.
So, America's first award winning trans singer has once again experienced
tremendous social disrespect from a still very uncivilized society. If nothing else,
the defendants can now be underground instead of hatefully boasting their
heinous actions in public .

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